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If given a choice between animals and people, Kim would choose an animal pretty much every time. As a child, she would forgo playdates with friends to spend time with her dogs. Together, they’d spend hours exploring the cornfields behind her home. Working in the veterinary industry allows Kim to enjoy the best of both worlds – the chance to interact with animals and finally find that common ground with people.

Kim’s journey began in the Indianapolis area, where she took a job at the Humane Society of Hamilton County. After a brief stint working at Help the Animals, Kim tried her hand at a few non-animal related roles before quickly realizing that her heart belonged in pet care. In October of 2021, she made her return to the industry when she joined the Animal Hospital of Richmond as one of our rockstar Receptionists.

Professionally, Kim particularly enjoys seeing the animals who were adopted from Help the Animals, where she currently serves on the board of directors. Her favorite part of the job is setting the scene for how a client’s visit will be. As one of the first faces a pet owner sees when entering the clinic, Kim takes great pride in making sure each visit is as positive an experience as possible.

Outside of work, Kim is married to Ian. Their human family consists of Ian’s daughter, Isabelle, and a son they share named Arthur. Their fur family includes two dogs: Kendrick and USA (pronounced Oo-sah); and four cats: Fumo, Apocalypse, Cersei, and a stray named Rexy, for whom they are desperately trying to find a home.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys cross stitching, tie dying, painting, and spending time with family – both two-legged and four. In the summer, you will usually find her at the river, either playing with her kids and dogs, or floating with her husband, beer in hand.
Whether it’s a cat that curls up next to your foot, or a dog that happily licks your face, there’s nothing like receiving love and affection from an animal. Angela Branson Jordan agrees with this sentiment – she admits that animals provide “the truest love she’s ever known.” As a receptionist at the Animal Hospital of Richmond, she is now able to spend plenty of time around adorable furry critters that bring her joy!

A native Kentuckian, Angel (as she likes to be called) moved to Nashville, Tennessee, a place where she maintains strong family roots. After her children became adults and went on their own paths, she focused on entering the world of veterinary reception. She has since worked at different vet clinics, from small, quiet ones to bigger ones - but Animal Hospital of Richmond is her favorite by far.

Angel likes working with the staff at the animal hospital, and she especially loves to assist them when they need help with patients. She has become somewhat of a "dog whisperer," always ready to jump in and help her coworkers when they need help calming down a nervous canine.

When she's not tending to animals at the clinic, you can find Angel taking in some new art, or embarking on an exciting adventure. She adores her beloved Chihuahua and orange tabby cat, and she's also looking to add a kitten to the mix. While she loves her pets, nothing makes her happier than being an extremely proud grandmother to her new grandson!
Kennel Technician
Jessica has quite literally grown up in the world of veterinary medicine. Both of her parents are veterinarians—she’s the daughter of Dr. Dariece Senderak! For Jessica, it wasn’t difficult to develop a lifelong passion for pets.

Jessica has been a professional pet sitter for eight years. Here at the Animal Hospital of Richmond, she owns and operates the clinic’s pet-sitting service, also known as “The Pet Keeper’s Pet Setting Service.”
Veterinary Assistant
Rhonda’s love of animals was inspired in part by her grandmother, who constantly rescued dogs and cats and received great joy from making sure that stray pets had a safe place to sleep. Rhonda’s grandfather owned a farm, and encouraged his granddaughter to work hands-on with the animals he kept. For Rhonda, a career in veterinary medicine simply made sense!

Rhonda is a Richmond native and began volunteering at her local animal shelter while she was still in high school. After heading off to college to study biology, she took a positon as a Veterinary Assistant and then signed up for classes to study veterinary technology. Rhonda has been a Veterinary Technician ever since—she worked for other pet hospitals in the area before joining the Animal Hospital of Richmond team in March of 2010.

One of Rhonda’s favorite things to do here at the hospital is perform dental cleanings. Nothing beats turning a dirty set of teeth and gums into a healthy, sparkling mouth! Rhonda also loves to meet puppies, kittens, and new pet owners; passing on her knowledge to others is extremely rewarding.

Away from the clinic, Rhonda enjoys relaxing with a good book and spending quality time with her family. She and her husband are proud parents of two very active twin boys, and the family shares their home with seven cats, two dogs, and a pair of goldfish.
Veterinary Assistant
Sarah didn’t always know that animal care was her calling—she first started working in the kennel of a local clinic to make a living during her college career. It wasn’t long, though, before Sarah realized how much she loved improving lives through veterinary medicine! Now, she’s proud to serve as a Veterinary Nurse with the Animal Hospital of Richmond team.

Sarah is originally from Greens Fork, Indiana and first heard about an opening here at the clinic in early 2010. She joined the hospital family in March of that year, and she’s been here ever since! Her favorite part of the job is getting to serve alongside her compassionate coworkers to make a true difference in the lives of the area’s pets and animal owners.

In her time outside of work, Sarah likes doting on her own animal companions at home. She has two cats, George and Butters, as well as a pair of spunky Chihuahuas named Hef and Deebo.
Veterinary Assistant
Like any veterinary professional, Autumn adores the company of animals. She’s equally passionate, though, about helping people. As a Veterinary Nurse here at the Animal Hospital of Richmond, Autumn gets to use her skillset every day to better the lives of the area’s pets and ultimately make a lasting impact in the community!

Autumn attended the International Business College and the Vet Tech Institute to earn her veterinary accreditations. After graduating in the spring, she joined the Animal Hospital of Richmond team the following summer and has been helping pets and their owners here ever since. Autumn is particularly fond of radiology work and getting to see first-hand how the animal body works, and she also likes learning new things in a constantly changing and evolving field.

Outside of work, Autumn enjoys spending time with her family, attending concerts, going to the movies, and doting on her own pets at home. She has a cat, Ravenclaw, who likes cuddling and meowing loudly in the dead of night, as well as a dog named Aggie who is especially good at hogging the bed.
Registered Veterinary Technician
Amber’s entire family works in the human healthcare field—she’s been exposed to the world of medicine ever since she can remember. When the time came to choose a career path, Amber had a thought: why not couple her fascination with medicine and her love of animals by working as a veterinary professional? She hasn’t looked back since!

Amber is originally from California, and relocated to this area several years ago for her father’s job. She was in high school when she first began volunteering at multiple shelters; she started by walking dogs and doing laundry before moving into reception work.

Next, Amber joined another practice to become Head Veterinary Technician and help in management. In July of 2017, she joined the team here at the Animal Hospital of Richmond. As a graduate of Cedar Valley College’s veterinary technician program, Amber serves the area’s pets as a Registered Veterinary Technician (holding current licenses in Ohio, Indiana and New York), Veterinary Nurse and Client Advocate. She especially loves to help organize payment plans for clients and educate pet owners on proper preventative care.

Amber lives in Ohio on a 10-acre farm. There, she shares her life with her husband, two horses, Sadie and Bently; three dogs; three indoor cats; and three outdoor cats.
Veterinary Assistant
Emily has adored the company of animals ever since she can remember, and loves being able to improve the lives of pets—as well as their owners—on a daily basis. She’s been serving the area’s animal companions as a member of the Animal Hospital of Richmond team for more than 10 years!

Emily started here at the clinic in June of 1997, and serves as a Veterinary Nurse and Kennel Technician.
Kathy began showing dogs when she was only five years old, and always loved grooming the animals in her care to get them ready for presentation. Her passion simply never wavered! She’s now been grooming pets professionally for more than 30 years, and is proud to serve the area’s pets and animal parents as a member of the Animal Hospital of Richmond family.

Kathy is a Richmond native and started working in a local boarding kennel in the summer of 1984. Two years later, she launched her professional grooming career. After getting married and moving away for a time, Kathy returned to this area in 1990 and joined the Animal Hospital of Richmond team that summer. She’s been here ever since!

Kathy has a special fondness for hard-to-handle animals, and loves to calm down an aggressive or nervous pet for safe and proper grooming. She also likes the fast-paced nature of her work—every day presents a new and exciting challenge!


Dr. Dariece Senderak
Owner, Veterinarian
As a small child, Dr. Dariece Senderak was actually rather afraid of dogs, and her family didn’t keep pets. That all changed when her father brought home Velvet, a German shorthaired pointer puppy who quickly stole her heart. Dr. S assisted her dad in training Velvet to become a phenomenal bird dog and field trial champion and later helped deliver and raise a litter of Velvet’s puppies. Discovering the profound connection she felt with these dogs, Dr. S nurtured her passion for animal behavior and biology in high school and college. Dr. S attended Notre Dame High School and Fairfield University in Connecticut before continuing her education at Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Her first job as a DVM was at a small practice in the Ocala National Forest in Florida. Dr. S eventually bought the practice, married and raised 3 children while working full time at her Forest Veterinary Clinic in Silver Springs, Florida for the next 15 years.

Then, in the year 2000, Dr. Senderak took ownership of the Animal Hospital of Richmond after relocating with her family to the Richmond area. She considers herself lucky to be able to work with animals and people who love animals, and is particularly fond of the problem-solving aspect of her work. Dr. S loves serving alongside her wonderful and competent pet care team in order to make the lives of pets and their owners better.

Dr. Senderak lives in an 1860 converted grain mill with a very emotional Boston terrier named Sylar, a mischievous black cat named Binx, and her daughter and best friend Jessica, who also works here at the Animal Hospital. When Dr S isn’t caring for the area’s pets or spending time with her own, she enjoys fairs and festivals and road trips to the coast with Jessica and Sylar to visit family and friends in South Carolina, Baltimore, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Dr. Karlye Teders

Dr.Teders has spent her life around animals, and she doesn't take for granted the unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship that our pets provide. She's taken away more than a few lessons over the years, both from her wonderful patients and her own beloved animal companions at home. Below, Dr. Teders shares a few of her insights.

Favorite dog breed: Mixed breed

Favorite dog quote:

"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

- Will Rogers

Favorite cat breed: Domestic shorthair

Favorite cat quote:

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece. " - Leonardo da Vinci

Hobbies include but are not limited to:

1. Walking my three dogs.

2. Wiping mud off my three dogs' paws.

3. Toweling off my three dogs after walks in the rain.

4. Bathing any of my three dogs who find something to roll in during our walks before I can get to them.

5. Holding a door open for any of my four cats while they decide if they want to go in, go out, or sit down in the middle so that I cannot close the door.

6. On occasion, cleaning up whatever one of my four cats decides to throw up.

7. Rescuing chipmunk/mouse/other from any of my four cats who decides to sneak it into the house before I realize what's going on.

8. Sitting down to try to get some work done, then have to get up to let the dogs out to chase squirrels. Before letting the dogs out, pounding on the window to warn the squirrels. The dogs haven't caught onto that one yet.

8. Repeating any of the above as necessary.

Life lessons my dogs have taught me:

1. Even if all you do is chase your own tail all day long, it's best to have a good sense of humor about it.

2. Always be enthusiastic to see everybody. They might have snacks.

3. Sometimes you have to dig a pretty big hole to find a small treasure. Sometimes you just have to dig a pretty big hole.

4. You don't understand the concept of "stubborn" until you've tried reasoning with a Jack Russell terrier.

5. The quantity of the noise you make is oftentimes inversely proportional to the quality.

6. Sometimes just quietly being present for someone else can be worth far more than any words could ever be.

Life lessons my cats have taught me:

1. Bathe regularly.

2. Even if the individual that you're speaking to is 2 feet away and acting like they're not paying attention, they probably are.

3. A nap in the sweet sunshine can solve a lot of problems.

4. Catnip is nice on occasion but it won't solve all your problems. Consume responsibly.

5. No matter how much you practice, your cats will always be better at yoga than you are.

6. Sometimes nobody else can see what you're chasing. That doesn't make it any less real to you.

Dr. Stoots