Winter Hazards for Dogs

Do you love winter? Or do you cringe at the first sign of snow? Just like us, some dogs are more comfortable in cold weather, while others prefer warmer climates. Whether your pup loves to romp in the snow, or prefers snoozing near the heater when it’s cold out, you’ll still need to be aware of some specific dangers that can threaten our canine friends in winter.

Here are a few examples:

Cold Feet

Snow, ice, salt, sand, and chemical de-icers can all be very hard on Fido’s sensitive paw pads, and can cause painful scrapes, burns, and blisters. Try to keep your pooch on soft snow or dirt, if possible. Wiping your pup’s feet with a damp cloth when you bring him in will also help keep his paws in good condition. Just like us, Fido’s skin can get dry and cracked in winter. Using a paw wax or balm will help keep those furry feet in good condition. Also, if your pooch has tufts of fur growing between his toes, keep these clipped. If they get long, they can get matted; trap salt, ice, or chemicals; and make it harder for your furry buddy to get traction on slippery surfaces.

Frozen Water

Be careful not to walk your dog too close to any frozen bodies of water. You definitely don’t want your canine buddy running out onto thin ice! Pool covers can also be hazardous, as Fido may think it’s a solid surface. A pool gate or fence is recommended.


Antifreeze is another potential danger to your furry friend. It is extremely toxic to pets, but has a taste that many of our four-legged friends find appealing. This is a very dangerous combination! Be sure to mop up spills, or cover them with sand or kitty litter.


Fido may have a fur coat, but he’s still susceptible to extreme weather. Keep your dog inside as much as possible when the thermometer drops, so he stays warm and cozy. A heated doggy bed may help your canine pal sleep more comfortably at night. If Fido sleeps in a crate, drape blankets over three sides to keep it warmer, and make sure he has a comfy bed or blankets.

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