Brushing Your Cat’s Belly

Thanks to the placement of your cat’s belly and underside, it’s a prime area for gunk and dirt to accumulate. Some cats may need help grooming this area, especially if they’re older and can’t move as easily. Try these steps from a Richmond veterinarian to brush your cat’s underbelly.

Start Grooming

Start your cat’s grooming session normally—get your brush, pet your cat, and start combing gently through her fur. It’s best to pick a time when your cat is tired or mellowed out, since many cats won’t be appreciative of having their belly touched. Once you’ve groomed all the major areas, you’re ready to move to the belly.

Place Hand under Front Legs

Take the hand that’s not holding the brush and place it gently under your cat, just behind the front legs. If she appears uncomfortable or tries to squirm away, let her go and try again later. When she’s comfortable, leave your hand there and praise your cat verbally.

Lift Cat Up

Now, lift the front of your cat up in the air, keeping the back paws on the ground. Now your cat is standing on her hind legs with the belly exposed, ready for brushing. Remember to keep speaking to your cat calmly at this stage so she doesn’t get agitated.


Take your brush and begin gently combing through the fur on the belly. Remember that many cats don’t like this area being touched—it may take a few tries to get your cat comfortable enough with having this fur combed. Once she’s used to it, though, there’s a chance your cat might even begin to enjoy the sensation!

Offer a Treat

After you’ve finished combing the belly, let your cat down and offer her a treat or two. This tells her that she’s done a good job, and that continued belly-brushing sessions might even get her a reward!

Consult your Richmond vet for more grooming techniques, and ask about what brushes and other products will best suit your feline friend.

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