Spoil Your Senior Dog With Care

Your senior canine housemate Archie thinks he’s still a puppy. This ten-year-old cocker spaniel has considerable energy, and he loves trotting through your community’s streets on twice-daily walks. He also clearly enjoys keeping your two younger dogs in line. You’d like your spunky companion to remain healthy, so your Richmond veterinarian gives him twice-yearly physical exams. Archie will also benefit from a targeted senior health program.

Tasty, Nutritious Diet

Archie has always had a special relationship with his food. To put it bluntly, this pint-sized pooch loves to eat. He regularly chowed down on an adult dog blend containing quality protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. He still requires those nutrients, but in different portions. Since he doesn’t tear around quite as fast, he should reduce his calorie intake.

First, your vet will consider your dog’s nutritional needs and exercise habits. If your canine housemate was packing extra pounds, the vet might choose a weight-loss blend. If he was affected by a chronic medical problem, the vet could select a formula that supported his treatment program.

Continued Dental Care

Archie’s gleaming white teeth have always been the envy of the neighborhood. To achieve that stellar result, the vet has examined your dog’s gums and teeth during each physical checkup. Your canine housemate receives regular dental cleanings, and you frequently brush his choppers at home.

Vital Canine Vaccinations

Archie still needs vaccinations that provide protection against infectious and dangerous canine diseases. After considering your dog’s age, lifestyle, and health status, the vet will give him the correct vaccines.

Enjoyable Gentle Exercise

Archie gets incredibly excited about his twice-daily neighborhood walks. He catches up with his canine buddies, and burns up calories that help him to escape obesity. The vet can provide recommendations on other light exercise, such as soothing warm-water swims or slow-paced fetch games.

If your companion seems to feel pain when he stands or walks normally, or climbs the steps, advise your vet. He can prescribe medications and/or therapies that should provide some relief.

During Archie’s regular checkups, your Richmond veterinarian will tweak his health program and resolve emerging medical problems. If your dog’s food and water consumption have changed, or his urination and/or defecation habits are different, your vet can address those issues. To provide expert care for your senior dog, contact us for an appointment.

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