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  • What to Know About Grain-Free Dog Food

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    You’ve probably heard about grain-free or gluten-free products over the past few years. They’ve gained a lot of popularity recently, and grain-free products have found their way into the pet food world, too. But is a grain-free diet right for your dog? Let’s take a closer … Read More »

  • How to Make Your Puppy’s Training Stick

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    Have you recently added a puppy to your household? Congratulations on your new addition! Puppies are a lot of work, but they’re also loads of fun. One of the most important aspects of raising a well-mannered and well-adjusted puppy is proper training. The question is, how … Read More »

  • Help! My Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing

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    Just like you, your dog sneezes sometimes. Most often, it’s simply because small particles of dust, dirt, grass, or other materials make their way into the nasal passages—your dog uses their nose to explore the world, after all. But what happens if your dog sneezes frequently, … Read More »

  • Welcome Back to In-Office Visits

    In-Office Service Now Available With new updated CDC guidelines in place, Animal Hospital of Richmond is now allowing pet owners into the practice. As always, our goal remains to provide your pet with the best possible healthcare and you with the best possible customer service experience. … Read More »

  • Meet the Cheetoh Cat

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    There’s a new kitty in town! Have you heard of the Cheetoh cat? If not, you’re not alone. These guys may have not been around for long, but they are certainly melting hearts! A veterinarian discusses the Cheetoh cat below. Origins A lady named Carol Drymon … Read More »

  • National Beagle Day

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    Did you know that April 22nd is National Beagle Day? The Beagle is a very cute and lovable pooch. These guys make very cheerful and happy family pets, and they definitely deserve a day in the spotlight! A veterinarian discusses this charming pup below. History The … Read More »